Water Replenishment District
Eco Pro Education Program

With an ever growing need for water conservation in the landscape, WaterWise Consulting has partnered with the WRD (Water Replenishment District) to implement WRD’s Eco Gardening Program utilizing WaterWise’s WaterWell (Water Efficient Landscape Learning) Program.  The purpose of WaterWell is to educate homeowners as well as landscape professionals water efficient landscaping techniques.

This year, WRD will also launch its new Eco Pro (Professional) Program.  WaterWise has been selected to expand the program and engage water agency personnel, city staff and landscape professionals in water use efficiency and management in the landscape. With the implementation of the CA Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, WRD sees a greater need to train attendees on the importance of sustainable landscape designs and practices.

Most recently, the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) awarded WRD, the ACWA Theodore Roosevelt Environmental Award for Excellence in Natural Resources Management in recognition of the Eco-Gardener Program.

WRD is involved in groundwater monitoring, safe drinking water programs, combating seawater intrusion and groundwater replenishment operations throughout Southern Los Angeles County.