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Water Smart Hotel Program

Municipal Water District of Orange County | more info

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Administrative Services For Turf Replacement Rebate Program

San Diego County Water Authority | more info

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Water Conservation Irrigation

California American Water

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Residential Water Survey Program

Valencia Water Company

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Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program

West Basin Municipal Water District | more info

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Device Installation Services

California American Water

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Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Audit Services

The City of Corona Department of Water and Power | more info

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Water Wise House Call Program

Sacramento Suburban Water District | more info

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Our spotlight and latest news
President to President, Water Conservation Is Global
July 1, 2016

During a recent trip to Mexico, WaterWise President, Ajay Dhawan, discussed water conservation with the Municipal President of Matehuala, José Everardo Nava Gómez.

Water conservation is important to the mid-sized town of Matehuala in the state of San Luis Potosí. As a municipal member of the Altiplano Potosino area, Matehuala contains a population of less than
190,000. Read More

WaterWise Celebrates 15 Years of Service!
June 1, 2016

In the month of May, some WaterWise Consulting, Inc. (WaterWise) representatives got together to celebrate 15 years of helping water agencies implement water conservation programs throughout the western part of the country.

WaterWise has been successfully conducting audits and water-use surveys on residential, CII (Commercial Industrial and Institutional) and large landscape properties for the past 15 years. WaterWise also installs retrofits, trains agency personnel to conduct water-use surveys and provides irrigation and landscape designs. Read More