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Water Smart Hotel Program

Municipal Water District of Orange County | more info

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Administrative Services For Turf Replacement Rebate Program

San Diego County Water Authority | more info

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Water Conservation Irrigation

California American Water

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Residential Water Survey Program

Valencia Water Company

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Landscape Irrigation Efficiency Program

West Basin Municipal Water District | more info

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Device Installation Services

California American Water

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Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Audit Services

The City of Corona Department of Water and Power | more info

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Water Wise House Call Program

Sacramento Suburban Water District | more info

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Our spotlight and latest news
Remove Your Turf
Aug 13, 2015

It is no secret that the typical landscape in Southern California has always required high maintenance. It accounts for the majority of a households water bill, making it nearly impossible to keep up with current water regulations. Arguably, turf removal is one of the best solutions to lower awater bill.

By replacing water-thirsty grass and plants with water-efficient and self-sustaining plants and material, residents could join in the race to save water and in turn, continue to live with a colorful lawn. What residents should also keep in mind is that they could learn new skillswhen it comes to landscaping. Water conservation experts believe it is imperative to be familiar with water-efficient ways of maintaining a lawn. Not only will residents save money in the long run, but they will also help contribute to the cause.

But before putting on a large, floppy hat and pulling out a shovel, one should consider the other side of turf removal. Up until recently, rebates for getting the job done were available to residents as long as they were granted pre-approval from their respective water companies.

However, the worlds largest provider of water, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), put a halt on their turf removal rebate program last month. High volumes of consumer demand have exhausted MWDs $450 million funds. General Manager of MWD, Jeffrey Kightlinger, expressed his surprise as to the popularity of their conservation efforts.

While it may be in the best interest for MWDs 26 water agency members to continue offering an incentive for artificial turf regardless of MWDs decision, they may be overwhelmed with other tasks and considering the amount of customers they must have in their service areas, time is an issue.

WaterWise is providing a solution by launching a website that will cater to member agencies that are understaff and/or overwhelmed by demand. Despite the absence of MWDs funding, agencies still have the power to carry on as crusaders during this ongoing drought.

Remove Your Turf will provide online rebate applications, quick and easy steps for customers, qualifying products for rebate such as irrigation smart controllers, useful resources, and tips and techniques on water conservation. The website will help simplify the process for rebates.WaterWise wants to help keep turf-removal an easy process for all parties involved.

While some experts are waiting to see how homeowners will react to a full-grown native garden, others are looking forward to the benefit of reducing water usage at an amount higher than the state goal.

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Summer Activity at WaterWise!
Sep 12, 2014

WaterWise has been very busy this summer helping water agencies implement their water conservation programs. WaterWise wants to do its part in helping conserve our natural resource: water. Just look at the activity that happened this summer!

1. Awarded - County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works: Water Conservation Best Management Practices

  1. Residential/Multi-family Surveys and Retrofits
  2. CII Water Audits
  3. Large Landscape Audits
  4. Water Conservation Programs Marketing
  5. Conduct Educational Workshops

2. Awarded - Ventura County Regional Urban Landscape Efficiency Program: Water Conservation Efforts

  1. Conduct Landscape Surveys (Weather Based Controller Qualification
  2. Water Saving Landscape Irrigation Device installation

3. Awarded City of Tucson: Irrigation Efficiency Program

  1. Perform Pre-Evaluation Surveys (Multi-family and CII Irrigation Systems)
  2. Perform Post-Evaluation Surveys (Multi-family and CII Irrigation Systems)

4. Awarded City of Sacramento:

  1. Provide code enforcement for water wasters)
  2. Conduct Residential Water Surveys

5. Extended West Basin Municipal Water District: Landscape Efficiency Irrigation Program