Ultra High Efficient Toilet Install Program


Replace your high-water-using toilet with a FREE low-water-using toilet. The Niagara Stealth Ultra High Efficient Elongated Toilet (UHET) can help you save up to 20,000 gallons of water per year, per toilet.

Customers who would like to participate will pay a one-time fee of only $50 for installation costs, which includes:

1. Installation of up to two toilets by a qualified professional plumber;
2. Plumbing Permit application and fees.

How to find your toilet flush volume

Toilet Annual Savings

3-Person Household, 6 Flushes per Person


  • Own a single-family home built before 1992
  • Toilets have not been retrofitted
  • Must replace a 3.5 Gallons Per Flush (GPF) toilet or 1.6 GPF toilets can be replaced with installation of a free water-saving showerhead provided by the City

All customers interested in participating are required to
undergo a pre and post-inspection.

For inquiries or to schedule
an inspection, Call

(888) 987-9473

Visit the City's website for information on water conservation: